As someone who loves retro gaming, few things beat the nostalgia of playing classic PSP games from the late 2000s and early 2010s. The PSP console may be discontinued, but its legendary library lives on through emulators like PPSSPP Gold. This nifty software lets you play PSP games right on your Android phone or tablet. It delivers smooth performance and extra features unavailable on the original PSP hardware. 

One such feature that users often want to try out is cheat codes. Similar to retro PC and console games, PSP games have cheat codes that let you accomplish crazy or fun effects. Enabling god mode, spawning vehicles, or accessing hidden items can breathe new life into older titles. Of course, I only condone using cheats responsibly for entertainment purposes, not to ruin fair competition.

In this article, I’ll walk through the full process of safely installing and testing cheat codes on the PPSSPP Gold emulator. My goal is purely educational – understanding how this unique functionality works. So grab your favorite classic PSP game, let’s take a nostalgic trip back in time and explore everything cheat codes can offer! Just be sure to game responsibly.

Required Items

You need 2 basic things to start installing and using these cheat codes.

Latest PPSSPP Gold APK

To use cheat codes, you’ll first need to download the latest version of the PPSSPP Gold APK. This is the official Android port of the emulator, optimized for mobile devices. You can grab it from the trusted website. Make sure to get the Gold version specifically, as the free regular PPSSPP APK lacks cheat functionality.

Cheat Code File in .db Format

You’ll also need a cheat code file in .db format for whichever PSP game you want to apply cheats to. These files contain lists of specific cheat codes and can be found on reputable cheating websites after searching for your game. More on finding these shortly!

Enabling Cheat Functionality

Once you’ve downloaded PPSSPP Gold, it’s time to enable the cheat functionality. This menu is disabled by default, so you need to manually activate it before any cheat codes will work properly.

After installing and opening up PPSSPP Gold, head to the Settings menu. Scroll down and select the System tab here. Now scroll through the list of options until you find the “Cheats” setting. Tap on this and make sure the toggle is switched on to enable it.

This will activate the Cheats menu within PPSSPP, allowing you to browse and turn on any cheat codes you add to your cheat database file. The emulator needs this enabled to detect and run any cheats.

  • Open PPSSPP Gold and go to Settings > System

To recap, you’ll want to launch PPSSPP Gold and then navigate to the Settings section. Choose System from the list of setting tabs.

  • Enable “Cheats” option to allow cheat code usage

Within the System settings screen, locate the “Cheats” option and confirm the toggle is enabled. This gives PPSSPP permission to use cheats.

Enabling Cheat Functionality in Gold PPSSPP APK
Enabling Cheat Functionality in Gold PPSSPP APK

Obtaining Cheat Files

Now that cheats are enabled in PPSSPP Gold, it’s time to get some actual cheats! This involves finding and downloading the right cheat code files for your desired PSP game.

You’ll want to visit reputable cheat websites like The Cheat Database or NeoSeeker. These have large databases of user-created and submitted cheat lists for many games.

Visit reputable cheat code websites like The Cheat Database

I recommend starting your search on The Cheat Database. This site has an intuitive layout and one of the largest cheat code collections online. Just type your PSP game’s name into the search bar.

Once you’ve found your game, browse the available cheat files. Look at descriptions to determine if the codes match what you want, like infinite health, all vehicles unlocked, etc.

Carefully find and download cheat file for your specific game

When you’ve located the ideal cheat file, download it safely. These are small .db files that work with PPSSPP Gold. Be sure to scan for malware before opening. Double check you grabbed the right code list for your intended game.

Installing Cheat Codes

Now that you’ve obtained a cheat code file for your game, it’s time to install it into PPSSPP Gold. This will add the cheats to your emulator’s database so they can be activated.

Use file manager to locate downloaded .db cheat file

First, open your Android device’s file manager app. Browse to the location where your browser downloads files by default. You should see the .db cheat file you downloaded earlier.

Use file manager to locate downloaded .db cheat file
Use file manager to locate downloaded .db cheat file

Copy this file to “Cheats” folder inside PPSSPP Gold

Once you’ve found the cheat file, press and hold on it to pull up copy options. Choose to copy the file. Then open the PPSSPP Gold folder in your device storage. Go into the “Cheats” subfolder within and paste the copied cheat file here.

This Cheats folder is where PPSSPP looks for and loads any installed cheat packs. Dropping your downloaded .db file in here integrates it into the emulator for use.

Activating Cheats

The cheat codes won’t actually do anything yet – you need to actively enable the ones you want. This is done through the Cheat Options menu within PPSSPP Gold.

Load game in PPSSPP Gold and open Cheat Options

First, load up the PSP game you installed cheats for in PPSSPP Gold. Once it’s running, open the emulator menu and select Cheat Options. This shows all cheats found in cheat packs you’ve added.

Check/enable desired cheats from pasted cheat file

Browse the list of available cheats and check the box next to any you want to activate. For example, enable “Infinite Health” or “All Levels Unlocked” if those codes are available.

Be selective in the cheats you turn on to avoid enabling anything overly disruptive. Certain cheats like “One Hit Kills” can ruin the intended challenge and experience.

Testing Cheats

Once you’ve toggled on the desired cheat codes, it’s time to jump back into the game and try them out! This testing phase lets you confirm the cheats are working as expected.

Confirm cheats are enabled and active

After enabling your chosen cheats, first double check that they still appear as toggled on in the Cheat Options menu. This verifies that PPSSPP is actively applying those cheat codes.

Confirm cheats are enabled and active in PPSSPP gold APK
Confirm cheats are enabled and active in PPSSPP gold APK

Now load up your game save and test things like infinite health or ammo. Make sure the cheats genuinely seem to be enabled based on the effects they produce.

Confirm cheats are enabled and active in PPSSPP gold APK
Confirm cheats are enabled and active in PPSSPP gold APK

Only enable safe cheats that don’t overly disrupt gameplay

While testing, only activate cheats that enhance your gameplay experience without outright breaking the game. For example, spawning all items may feel unearned or disable progression.

Responsible Usage

Cheats can be fun, but be sure to use them responsibly. Game normally for a fair challenge, and limit cheat usage to occasional entertainment. I recommend playing without cheats as much as possible to experience the game as originally intended. Only use cheats briefly to spice things up.

Remind users to disable cheats when done testing

When you’re finished testing and having fun with cheats, disable them in the Cheat Options menu. This will prevent you from becoming overly reliant on cheats.


In closing, we’ve thoroughly covered the full process of safely installing and testing cheat codes in the PPSSPP Gold emulator. When used judiciously, cheats can unlock new ways to enjoy your favorite classic PSP titles.

Recap safe process for installing and testing cheats

To recap the steps, first you need to download the Gold PPSSPP APK from the official website and install it on your Android device. Once opened, enable the “Cheats” option in Settings > System to activate cheat functionality.

Next, browse reputable cheat code websites to find downloadable .db cheat files for your desired PSP game whether on bluestacks or mobile. Use your device’s file manager to locate the downloaded cheat file, then copy and paste it into the “Cheats” folder within PPSSPP Gold’s internal storage.

Now when you load the game in PPSSPP Gold, you can open Cheat Options and selectively enable cheats from your added file. Toggle on fun but responsible cheats that don’t completely break progression.

Jump back into your game to test the cheats, confirming they work as expected. Only keep harmless cheats enabled briefly for entertainment, not permanent use.

Caution against abusing or overusing cheat codes

While testing cheats can add novelty, be cautious not to become over-reliant on them. Cheats are best used sparingly to spice things up, not replace normal gameplay. Make sure to disable cheats after responsible testing to prevent harming your experience.

At the end of the day, cheats are just a bonus feature of PPSSPP Gold for occasional novelty. Focus on playing PSP games fairly without cheats most of the time in order to fully appreciate the original challenge and intended experience. Moderation is key – cheats provide fun variety, but don’t let them replace your normal enjoyment of retro classics!

With this knowledge and some discretion, you can let cheats breathe new life into PSP favorites while upholding fair competition and gameplay. Have fun resurrecting PSP gems the right way!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to enter cheat codes in PPSSPP?

To use cheats in PPSSPP, first enable “Cheats” in Settings > System. Then add a .CTF cheat file for your game into the PPSSPP “Cheats” folder. Load the game, go to Cheat Options, and enable desired cheats. Toggle cheats on/off here to activate them.

How do I enable cheat console?

The cheat console is not available on Android. It’s a debugging feature only accessible on the desktop versions of PPSSPP.

How do I install anti cheat?

PPSSPP does not have any integrated anti-cheat. Enable “Cheats” to use them responsibly for entertainment. Do not cheat in multiplayer games.

What is the money cheat for 9999999 in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 is not supported by PPSSPP, as it’s a PC/console game, not a PSP game. You would need a Sims cheat engine mod on PC to cheat in Sims 4.

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